C++Drive Engineer

Nanjing No limit No limit 1 people



System Integration Dept



Job Description


1. Undertake development tasks according to specific requirements of the project and complete objectives as planned.


2. Independently completed the development of hardware drivers and test tools.


3. Assist software testers to complete driver module test.


4. Compile technical documents related to the project.





1. Proficient in C/C++ programming, proficient in using VC programming and development tools under Windows.; can use glibc under Linux and NDK under android and other development tools.


2. Proficient in serial port, TCP/UDP, U port and other interface communication programming tools.


3. Proficient in the principle of communication between processes and threads.


4. Proficient in multithreaded programming and data sharing between threads as well as synchronous, asynchronous, blocking and non-blocking implementation.


5. Familiar with relevant agreements of financial equipment (such as IC, id card, etc.) preferred.





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