User Interface Engineer

Nanjing No limit Minimum 3 years experience in UI/UE design 1 people



Brain Bank Division



Job Description


1. Responsible for  creative interface interaction design for product and project plan, and visual design of PC and mobile interface.


2. Familiar with User Intrface design (including demand analysis, interface design, interaction design, etc.) and the overall design process.


3. Able to assist the project manager to analyze the usability and functionality of products, and optimize the user's experience in existing software or products.





1. Major in Computer Science or Arts, with minimum 3 years experience in UI/UE design.


2. Proficient in visual presentation and UI design, able to grasp the overall style and visual expression of the interface accurately.


3. Good at analyzing user needs, find the most suitable way to design high-fidelity interface interactive prototype in accordance to different scenario requirements.


4. Proficient in common tools and software, such as PS, AI, AE, etc..





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