Manufacturing Engineer Manager (Supervisor)

Huizhou College degree or above More than 5 years of relevant work experience and 3 years of team management experience 1 people



Engineering & Technology Dept



Job Description


1. Responsible for ME daily project management, personnel demand, equipment capacity and equipment efficiency evaluation.


2. Responsible for the evaluation and confirmation of new process plan and new equipment and supervision and management of the trial production process.


3. Responsible for inspection of process execution and audit of abnormal processing results.


4. Familiar with lean production, better to participate in and implement lean improvement, and have a very deep understanding of 5S.


5. Honest, dedicated, careful, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, with team spirit.





1. College degree or above, with more than 5 years of relevant work experience and 3+ years of team management experience.


2. Proficiency with CAD, office and other office software.


3. Strong abilities in the areas of oral and written skills, communication and coordination.


4. Experience with the same industry is preferred.





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