Construction Project Manager

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Job Description


1. Responsible for the connection between the company's project products and the headquarters units and  the employers.


2. Responsible for surveying the installation conditions of products of the project, and drawing construction drawings.


3. Responsible for the preparation of schedule, safety and civilized management in production, quality management, cost control management and labor management in construction team of the fine decoration project.


4. Be directly responsible for the quality, safety and civilization construction, time and cost of the fine decoration project.


5. Responsible for quality control of fine decoration engineering and related engineering materials and  the  approaching acceptance of materials.


6. Solve the technical difficulties in the process of fine decoration construction.


7.  Responsible for the communication and coordination of all the construction companies, designers, property managents, supervisors, party a's site or project supervisors during the construction of fine decoration project.


8. Cooperate with the company to check and accept each procedure in the process of fine decoration project and conduct various education and training of labor construction team.


9. Organize and formulate the inspection and acceptance of each procedure of the fine decoration project and cooperate with budget to complete the process cost control of the site project, the audit of project quantity in the early stage of bidding,and assist budget engineer to understand and confirm construction process.





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