Lighting Solution Engineer

Shenzhen No limit At least 3 years working experience in landscape lighting industry 1 people



Video Integration Technology Lab



Job Description


1. Conduct preliminary research work of the project, prepare documents such as project information collection, project research, project feasibility report, etc.;


2. Preparation and design of electricity control system scheme of landscape lighting project;


3. Cooperate with the cooperative project contractor in project bidding, provide technical support for bidding;


4. Responsible for the technical support and debugging of the project's control system.





1. At least 3 years working experience in landscape lighting industry;


2. Independently draw electrical construction drawings of landscape lighting engineering;


3. Familiar with the landscape lighting industry and have the field debugging experience;


4. Experience in technical standard production of landscape lighting engineering is preferred;


5. Can accept short-term business trips;


6. Proficient in AutoCAD, and Office softwares;


7. Good communication and writing skills.





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