London New Icon is Coming, AOTO is Proud to Participate!

19 | 04 | 2019

Recently, AOTO Electronics reaches the cooperation with Outernet for the Outernet London Project. As the largest constructor of the entertainment venue in London since the 1940s, Outernet aims to be a global network of inter-connected city center. Outernet London, the latest project of Outernet, is the first launch in a worldwide network of city entertainment hubs that aim to embody and elevate both the culture and the commerce of their carefully chosen urban locations. And AOTO Electronics plays an important role as the LED display provider in the project.



The whole project includes Now Building, live events venue and a cluster of separate immersive media spaces. Outernet London will launch in 2020 and is expected to attract in excess of 400,000 visitors daily, making it one of London’s most popular destinations.


According to the Outernet official press, the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the project will be the 'Now Building' – a live interactive broadcast environment that will boast 8k, 360 degree floor-to-ceiling screens which will enable brands and storytellers to share scheduled, short-form content and brand engagement.


Based on the description, the 8K, 360 degree screens is the essential part of the 'Now Building'. As the provider of the screen, AOTO Electronics provides varieties of LED displays to promise the glorious visual effect. AOTO Electronics always insists on innovation and technology to bring customers with better visual feelings. The project is a great opportunity for AOTO to present its exclusive product value.


Overall, Outernet London will be an excellent masterpiece from AOTO and Outernet’s collaboration. In future, AOTO will continually innovate and expand more market in the world to provide better service to worldwide clients.


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