AOTO's Creative Rental Display Shining at the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main

28 | 11 | 2017

Recently, the world's biggest and most important motor show----The 67th IAA CARS FRANTFURT/MAIN was grand opened in Germany. As the Germany's oldest auto exhibition, the participants in the automobile industry from all over the world are gathered in the European Financial Center to discuss the core development issue of the future automotive industry in every two years. In addition, the automaker will also show their latest designed auto model and the concept car, as well as present the idea and the vision of auto industry future development.


On this show, the Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lamborghini and other international top brands lunch their new concept car while all of them choosing the world's leading supplier of LED display application solutions---AOTO electronic as their exhibition booth design partners. As we can see, the AOTO Display is used to build over 1, 000 square meters exhibition booth in this exhibition. At the same time, the glamorous AOTO Display for top auto brands present an unprecedented, amazing visual enjoyment with its high quality and ultra HD display performance as well as the high stability of the unique cabinet structure.


British luxury car brand - the Jaguar and Land Rover using the AOTO’s MXE series product as their booth background, where playing luxury sports car and the super car with sorts of wonderful images, and focus on the scene of the exhibition when zoom in and zoom out.  With the support of AOTO LED display’s high refresh rate, high contrast and exquisite picture, the details of Land Rover silver SUV are fully presented in front of the audience, according to the high-end and luxury atmosphere, the concise atmospheric designed of Land Rover booth are well blended with the whole atmosphere. Furthermore, the high-tech, luxurious quality and aesthetic appearance of the jaguar's orange sports car are fully presented by AOTO led display, blurring the gaps between images, lights and architecture.


AOTO LED display solution for Land Rover booth


AOTO LED display solution for Jaguar booth


The Italian super car brand-Lamborghini new designed booth has a strong visual impact, on the top of the booth, it use AOTOcreative LED display to set up a pillar type display surface in four faces, the AOTO LED display also delivery the Lamborghini creative brand concept to the customer. Based on the AOTO’s LED display’s stable and perfect mechanical structure, as well as with the support of all seamless orthogonal splicing AOTO display screen and powerful LED control system, Lamborghini can present the perfect all-round magnificence of booth.


AOTO Four faces LED display solution for Lamborghini booth


The same as Lamborghini, local German auto brand-Mercedes Benz also choose AOTO display as their partner. The booth design of Benz is unique and special, which use AOTO GTEK creative LED large screen with smooth curve style and aesthetic characteristics of extremely standing wall, it also a perfect fusion of AOTO GTEK trapezoidal LED showcase, it shows the latest Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, eye-catching and also attracted a large percent of audience and the media reporters pass by stand to watch.


AOTO GTEK trapezoidal LED display solution for Mercedes Benz booth


In addition, as the sponsor of this auto show, the AOTO Electronic provide moving vehicle-mounted LED display to lead the global new trend in the rental market,  light, thin, easy installation, easy maintenance, high stability and ultra-high resolution has become the basic requirements in LED rental industry. The world's top brands are choosing AOTO display as their sole partner, to maximize showing their brand glamour, AOTO also present a particularly remarkable quality and brand visibility to the world. AOTO Electronic will continue to regard independent technology innovation concept as company goal in rental market, and it will continue to seek cooperation with other world's top brands, enhance the brand value and achieve win-win, marching on the road in the LED display industry.


Outdoor official sponsor--moving vehicle screen

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