Congratulations! AOTO CLD Won “China Good Design Award”

13 | 11 | 2017

On Nov 3rd, 2017, “China Good Design” award ceremony was held in Xiamen, which was organized by Germany Red Dot Design and Xiamen Media Group Co., Ltd. China Good Design award is an international award event gathered lots of international products design from the global entrepreneurs.



This contest received 3341 registered products from international designer and entrepreneurs, 620 of them stands out to be listed. After several rounds of competition, AOTO CLD won  'China Good Design award' winner2017. This award means AOTO set up brand new design in led display industry with mixture of science, technology and innovation.  The Vice General Manager of AOTO R&D Aaron Wu said AOTO will continue developing the LED display with advanced innovation to create more high quality products.


CLD, which is short for Commercial LED Display, is the result of AOTO Electronics' dedication to bringing Direct View LED technology with its high image quality and high-scalability into the commercial display market. These products are now widely used in high-end retails, transportation applications (flight and rail transit), command centers, conference rooms; auto shows along with TV studios where the quality of the display is extremely important.


CLD commercial display can produce impressive image full of delicate details in the pictures that are shown on the fine pixel pitch, high contrast ratio displays. The patented CLD commercial display can be assembled along with any number of other similar display units to meet the requirements of almost any application. It is very easy to create huge seamless video walls with ultra HD resolution. Due to the unique engineering capabilities of AOTO Electronics, the CLD product line has all the features customers have come to depend on with AOTO like the capability of handling up to an 8K video display with just a single controller, HDR, 10bit per color grey scale and 24 bit color processing depth.


The CLD commercial display creates immersive visual effects that promote its customers' brand value. This all-in-one display solution is used for all types of commercial displays with durability, low energy use, dynamic color range and a nearly perfect image depiction is important.




AOTO CLD has 3 different usages:


1. Large Format Display, 16:9 ratio proportions, compliant with normal video input, can provide stable performance, delicate pictures and zero noise, which is an ideal product for government and enterprise conference rooms.



2. Digital Signage, movable integrated advertising display solution, is an ideal integrated LED display solution to high-end retail industry.



3. Video Wall, support the entire big screen instead of joint-screen display which show vivid image and bring more stunning visual impact to customers.

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