AOTO LED Display with 3D Technology Shock Coming

18 | 09 | 2017

AOTO LED display with latest 3D technology provided for China Maritime Bureau came into use on Sept 2017. Through LED Display, customer could simulate marine exploration experience and intuitively feel underwater world and marine structures, to further provide technical assurance for our clients' decision.


AOTO LED Display with 3D technology


The LED display with 3D technology is the result of AOTO R&D's great effort. Based on AOTO world leading 8K control system, the 3D led display maintain high brightness and high contrast, without loss any definition to present the most dedicated image to customer, making customer feel as if they are at on-site environment. Till now, AOTO 3D LED display system have been widely used for Japan, US, UK, German market, which have drawn lots of attention and have greatly appraised by customer.


AOTO 3D Led display system


Based on AOTO 3D LED display system and AOTO 8K splicing processing capacity, AOTO LED display realized one bottom swifting from 3D to 2D. meanwhile, we can do customrized proposal based on customer different requirement, such as different screen definition, different screen size and different signal inputs requirement. In this project, AOTO 8K led display system support HD video with 120hz frame frequency, showing the most comprehensive and decicated image.


AOTO 8K controller

AOTO LED Display with 3D system


Compliant with full lines of AOTO led display, AOTO 3D technology obtained high brightness, high contrast and excellent video characteristics, solving the long term weak point of scanning line problem existing in 3D technology.  LED display with 3D technology is an ideal solution for fan park cinema, mobile cinema and other 3 dimensional environments. As a world leading led display system provider, AOTO Electronics was and will always dedicated to make led display match with the latest technology , for making people's life more brilliant and convenient.

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