Beyond Imagination, AOTO Latest TV Studio Led Display Solution Debut at IBC2017

16 | 09 | 2017

From Sept 15th to 19th, the world's leading Media, Entertainment and technology show was held at RAI, Amsterdam. AOTO bring our most innovative products and technology for the TV studio solutions, which created beyond imagination experience for our customer. The leading technology included human-led display interaction program, virtual overlay solution and creative TV studio solution.


AOTO Booth at IBC2017


With more and more new media and human-led display interaction program applied into use, Media industry, including TV studio project, required more attractive and funny information broadcasting display form. For following the industry trend, AOTO pushed our newly tailored LED technology for Media industry- Multi-touch broadcasting LED Display system. The new system based on AOTO patented R&D technology, supported different functions, like touch, scalar, page up & down, add notes etc through AOTO CLD108, is an ideal product for TV studio's multi-touch display. AOTO CLD108 system could meet the needs of playing breaking news and adding important comments to enhance interactive experience.


CLD108 Multi touch screen draw lots of attention


Photo Scissors solution was popular before in TV studio solution, but seems uninteresting and boring in TV views, which greatly decreased the TV's media broadcasting effect. As a result, AOTO pushed Virtual Overlay solution and applied it for fine pixel pitch led display, which makes TV viewers in different channel could see different advertising image. AOTO's virtual overlay LED display, “One screen, Multi-display” feature of LED virtual overlay broadcast system will admirably promote the presentence and Precision of the advertising. This will make sure the event organizers and the TV station achieve more profit.


AOTO's virtual overlay LED Solution


Besides, AOTO LED Display presented unique 90° angle Seamless Splice structure design to meet the needs of different creative design requirement. A M1.7C screen was at right angles to a M2.5C screen, showing a seamless and comprehensive image. AOTO MXC's dedicated mechanical structure makes different pixel pitch screen could match with each other, which could meet the high requirement level of visual impact and make 60 degree triangle structure and many other creative designs possible.


90° angle Seamless Splice structure


AOTO IBC2017 Team


With 24 years experience, AOTO have gathered plenty of TV studio and sports broadcasting's experience, and AOTO products have been used in many international prestigious TV studio projects like US CBS, US TNT, US TBS, US Sky Sports, CCTV, JSTV, etc. AOTO will continually research and develop in TV studio industry, maintain our leading position in the future.


About AOTO


AOTO Electronics (002587), founded in 1993, specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end quality LED display systems. AOTO has a technology driven differentiation strategy that comes from an established R&D team that is always focusing on innovating new technology to make the products significantly better than other products offered in the marketplace. It's AOTO's principle to provide quality products along with great service at a reasonable price to our customers. AOTO has professional solutions for financial, advertising, rental, sports and broadcasting and television industries. They have been widely adopted by commercial banks, major advertising companies, top entertainment companies and sporting events. With innovative products and an established brand, AOTO has become a leading company in the global LED applications.

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