Celebrating AOTO's 30th birthday together

21 | 09 | 2023

From 1993 to 2023, AOTO has turned 30 years old. It's a crucial time for AOTO, and we couldn't be more pleased to celebrate our 30th birthday.



A Total of 200 representatives from domestic and foreign customers, investment institutions, partners, industry associations, and AOTO staff attended the ceremony on September 8th.



Speech by Mr. Wu Hanqu, Founder & Chairman of AOTO
Mr. Wu Hanqu, Founder and Chairman of AOTO, said, "AOTO believes that only continuous innovation can ensure market competitiveness. Over the years, our R&D investment has reached an industry-leading level. We have achieved several industry-attractive results in the LED display field, intelligent network construction, XR/VP fields, film and TV technology, digital content, and intellectual lighting. Our products and solutions are available in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our solutions and products are available in over 70 countries and at 80% of the major international airports. Many major sporting events and movie productions have seen AOTO's technology and products in action. In the future, AOTO will continue to invest in technological innovations to provide perfect products to our customers worldwide.



Two signing ceremonies also took place during the event, adding a new highlight to the whole event.

Surprising moments: The friendly collaboration between AOTO and CFGBARCO
Among them, CFGBARCO and AOTO signed the CINITY LED Movie Screen Bulk Order Agreement, in which the company and CFGBARCO jointly developed the LED movie screen projection system, which the company will gradually roll out to provide the ultimate movie viewing experience. Cinema Screen Technology has always maintained its investment in the research and development of movie screens and technology research.



Building an Intelligent Video Lab with SJTU
In addition, SJTU and AOTO signed the "Intelligent Video Joint Laboratory Agreement" based on their respective strengths, The two parties will develop key basic technology achievements for AI training platforms, edge computing, multimodal user behavior recognition, IoT applications, intelligent finance, and other scenarios around deep learning and other critical technologies, computer vision, multimodal learning, universal imaging models, edge computing, cloud computing, and cloud-edge collaboration, among other areas. Meanwhile, AOTO has achieved fruitful basic technology results in the XR/VP field, ultra-high resolution professional displays, and digital movie playback.


In these 30 years, AOTO has provided high-quality products and excellent services for every partner. In the future, AOTO will continue to work with every partner to achieve new glory.

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