AOTO Electronics: Gargantua MetaBox Solution, Empowering the Rapid Development of Metaverse

05 | 01 | 2024

With the continuous breakthroughs in technology, humans have successfully entered the era of the metaverse. The metaverse is a new realm where the virtual and real worlds intertwine, bringing unimaginable immersive sensory experiences. It is a digitized virtual reality that allows us to transcend the limits of reality, explore vast interstellar space, and create dreamlike virtual social scenarios.
The development trend of the metaverse has become a hot topic, and major companies are actively seeking the entrance to the metaverse because it allows them to move away from a single form of To-User communication and achieve more vivid and realistic display effects, enhancing their brand image and influence. However, while enhancing the brand image, enterprises are equally concerned about the return on investment. Achieving impactful and realistic immersive effects is usually costly. So how can they better control costs while ensuring the high-quality standard of immersive content? The MetaBox solution from Gargantua, AOTO Electronics' subsidiary, was born for this purpose. With hardware elements like an LED display system, camera and tracking system, server carrying software, lighting console monitors, etc., in conjunction with their powerful in-house rendering system "Coruscant" and virtual content production services, they provide enterprises with a cost-effective entrance to the metaverse.
Gargantua's MetaBox Solution Diagram

Multiple Forms of Communication
In traditional live streaming rooms, the anchor's background is often a corner of the studio or a monotonous theme backdrop. Their form of live performance is very limited, which can easily lead to aesthetic fatigue among fans over time. In traditional schools, teachers often rely on flat pictures and verbal descriptions to allow students to use their imagination to experience the vast world of book's knowledge. However, because imagination cannot fill the gaps brought about by details, students often cannot fully comprehend the knowledge. In traditional new product launches, the presenter usually showcases the features and appearance of the new products to the audience through a big screen and PPT. Although this form of presentation has certain aesthetics, it lacks visual impact and is hard to leave a deep impression on the target group. 

With the MetaBox solution, anchors can fully use their imagination to switch between any impossible immersive virtual scenes (e.g., the moon) at any time to meet fans' aesthetic needs; teachers can bring students into real knowledge points through immersive experiences, with all details of the knowledge points presented without reservation in front of everyone to satisfy students' curiosity; at product launches, presenters can introduce new products into immersive spaces, making them more impactful on top of being visually pleasing and realistic, thus embedding these new products deeply into audiences' impression.

Significantly Reducing Costs
To achieve better results, in the process of new product launches and livestream selling, it is usually necessary to bring some difficult-to-move products (such as cars) onto the stage for presentation. However, not only does this practice consume a lot of labor and material resources, but the display effect is also very limited. Through the MetaBox solution, users can replace physical displays with realistic and immersive virtual content. This not only ensures the controllability of the effect and impression shock but also effectively reduces costs and improves the return on investment.
Gargantua's MetaBox Solution After Content Extending Diagram

In addition to saving manual-power and material resources, the MetaBox solution is committed to the development of being lightweight and cost-effective. With a stage occupying less than 30 square meters and the strong rendering capability of the "Coruscant" system, the final presented effect is comparable to that of being cinematic level! This not only further reduces the hardware cost but also is more convenient to operate, only needing two people to complete all the steps. Therefore, MetaBox has been well received by many users.
Gargantua's Cost-Effective MetaBox Equipment

Richer Contents for Selection
To provide users with a richer content experience, the MetaBox solution includes functions such as 3D-scenes-based LED displays, digital humans, and immersive content creation. It supports a continuous systematic service process, including AI service to scene integration, committed to providing users with more high-quality immersive content. At the ISE exhibition in 2024, Gargantua will display an integrated solution of transparent LED display, digital human, and Chat-GPT4, which will fully demonstrate Gargantua's soft power in content production.
Attractive Technology, AOTO Electronics has always adhered to independent research and development technology, and long-term planning development with the "hardware + software + content" approach, providing ample support for its subsidiary, Gargantua. The MetaBox solution is a masterstroke of integrating hardware, software, and content! We believe that with the gradual popularization of MetaBox, it will open the doorway to the metaverse for more and more businesses or individuals, promoting the development of the metaverse!


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