AOTO Released Two New Products in Conference Room Application

04 | 09 | 2020

AOTO successfully hosted its product launch press on 2nd September 2020. Two ALL-IN-ONE conference room products were released, aiming at the potential market of the post-COVID 19 eras.

Globally, there are over 20 million large conference rooms with an area of more than 200 square meters and accommodating over 150 people, of which China accounts for more than 3 million; while the number of small and medium-sized conference rooms worldwide is expected to exceed 100 million, and China is expected to have 30 million the above ( Data source: Luotu Technology). Based on the urgent demand and huge market potential, AOTO officially releases these two spectacular ALL-IN-ONE solutions, called SID series and CV series.


Specifically, AOTO SID intelligent ALL-IN-ONE solution specially designed for the medium and large conference market, covering multiple sizes of 120 inches, 150 inches, and 180 inches. The dovetail bracket and full wireless aesthetic design significantly interpret the brand concept of AOTO. With only 6mm frame and 19.8mm cabinet thickness, SID is the thinnest masterpiece among similar products in the current market. The segmented installation and 50% cabinet weight loss simplify the installation process and save the cost, for instance, a 150-inch SID display can be installed and delivered as fast as two people in one hour. AOTO also highly emphasizes energy-saving and environmental protection. Adopted by the patented technologies, the maximum power consumption of a 120 inch SID is only 1200W, which is 40% lower than similar products. More importantly, combined with 24-bit color processing depth, image calibration technology, and high fresh rate, SID provides unparalleled and comfortable visual performance for viewers.




As for CV series, it has been regarded as the most economically-friendly Mini LED product so far and it is mainly for medium and large conference rooms. Integrated with electronic whiteboards, scanning sharing, and remote control, CV ALL-IN-ONE solution is flexible and increases the meeting efficiency.


On the basis of the technical merits of Mini LED, the CV Series offers more stable function performance and uncompromised visual effects. With the dual backup system and EMC Class A, the product is highly stable and reliable. The visual performance is also significantly facilitated by the technologies of AOTO exclusive Mini LED, HDR Boost, Moiré Reduction, and 110% NTSC ultra-wide color gamut, etc. Besides, viewers can freely reach the stunning image on the screen from different positions because of the 178 degrees wide viewing angle. By adopting six-direction adjustment technology, the screen surface is extremely flat and smooth, bringing with a more comfortable viewing experience. Qualified with low-level blue light certification, CV is recognized for its powerful eye protection, which is substantially required in several applications, like the conference room and control room. More importantly, featuring a revolutionarily lightweight structure design, the cabinet is only 38 mm thick and weighs 5 kg, lowering transportation and installation cost.


The release of these two products has attracted great attention from online and offline business partners, customers and the media. By adopting AOTO exclusively developed system and software, both products guarantee the operation stability and reliability. According to the statements of Hanqu,Wu, Chairman and President of AOTO, the release of these two new products is an important action for AOTO to deepen the potential conference market. Aims to play into the growing demand for AV technology, AOTO will keep improving to serve the customers internationally.


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