AOTO Electronic: The Secret Behind the Success of SP Perimeter Screens

07 | 11 | 2023

With the easing of the global pandemic, enthusiasm for offline sports events has surged. LED displays have found widespread use in the realm of sports. Taking football matches as an example, whether you are attending the event in person or watching it on television, you'll undoubtedly notice the LED screens encircling major stadium. These screens not only enhance the on-site atmosphere and showcase intricate details of the game but also generate substantial advertising revenue for event organizers.

Why do football events choose LED displays? According to AOTO, a company that has consecutively served the FIFA World Cup for three years, a top-tier football event must ensure both excitement in the game and commercial benefits, all while guaranteeing product durability and player safety. LED displays are favored by football events due to their spectacular display capabilities. However, for these top-level football events, a qualified LED perimeter screen must comprehensively meet the client's demands, and that's the secret behind the enduring success of the product!

AOTO Electronic's SP series perimeter screens, which have served the FIFA World Cup for three consecutive years and been involved in numerous significant domestic and international events such as UEFA, the Chinese Football Association's top-tier league, and super cups, maintain high-quality service. This quality is a result of AOTO's meticulous commitment to product quality and their exceptionally high standards.

1. Impressive Display Quality

Event organizers believe that a superior display can provide users with a better event experience. Many events primarily feature solid and single-color content, which not only benefits advertisers but also enhances the on-site atmosphere. Therefore, products with excellent single-color and white balance display capabilities are precisely what the World Cup organizers need. AOTO's SP perimeter screen, due to its outstanding single-color and white balance display abilities, stands out from numerous excellent products in the color reproduction process and has successfully earned the favor of the organizers.

2. Enhanced Commercial Value

When referring to heightened commercial value, the primary focus is on achieving superior advertising returns for clients. The SP series offers an exceptionally high refresh rate of up to 18,000Hz, ensuring that advertising content is displayed with remarkable clarity in front of the camera. Additionally, the product supports virtual broadcast technology, allowing different channels to display distinct advertising content. This technology enables event organizers to maximize their advertising revenue, which is one of the key reasons for the outstanding performance of the SP series.

Furthermore, the elevated commercial value is also exemplified by the ability for rapid setup and maintenance, resulting in cost savings on labor and the capability to respond swiftly to urgent situations. In our delivery to FIFA, we present two standout figures:

10 hours: The fastest recorded time from the installation of all unit modules to system debugging for the SP series is just 10 hours.

13 seconds: If an SP module needs replacement during a match, it can be done in just 13 seconds.

These two statistics have garnered unanimous recognition from equipment operators, advertisers, and the International Football Federation.

3. Exceptional Product Durability

Durability is of paramount importance to sports event organizers. During the extended duration of sports events, LED displays must endure a variety of environmental challenges within the stadium, including outdoor temperature fluctuations, humidity, rain, exposure to sunlight, and even submersion. Organizers demand stable image quality without issues such as uneven brightness or color discrepancies. Also, with a continuous flow of people and various vehicle equipment moving in and out of the venue, signal connections must remain 100% stable, with no room for display lag or blackouts.

At the AOTO factory, every SP series display unit delivered to our customers adheres to the highest standards. The product must pass the following rigorous tests before it is entrusted to our users:

3.1 High and Low-Temperature Testing

This test is divided into three dimensions: high-temperature, low-temperature, and temperature fluctuation. Each SP series perimeter display corresponding to these dimensions is tested individually. Before the test, all display perimeter (brightness, color temperature, color coordinates) and physical properties (appearance, structure, basic functions, and mechanical performance) of the product are recorded.

Subsequently, the samples are placed in the test chamber, and temperatures are adjusted within the range of -20°C (low temperature) to 50°C (high temperature). The displays are operated in both black screen and lit screen states and subjected to these extreme conditions for over 15 hours.

Upon completing the test, the technical team collects product-related data once again. If the data remains consistent, the SP perimeter display passes this test.

SP series in temperature testing

3.2 High-Temperature High-Humidity Testing

SP series displays must also adapt to high-temperature and high-humidity operating environments to fully meet the basic requirements of our customers. Similar to the aforementioned experimental procedure, the products are tested for over 15 hours in harsh conditions of high temperature and high humidity, operating in both black screen and lit screen states. If the data remains consistent, the SP perimeter display can pass this test.

3.3 Thermal Shock Testing

The purpose of this experiment is to assess the module's ability to withstand rapid environmental temperature changes, addressing even the most extreme outdoor weather conditions. Product modules are placed in the test area, following a test cycle of -40°C → 100°C → -40°C, repeated a total of 20 times. During this process, the module's surface must continuously endure rapid temperature changes, ultimately ensuring no deviation in the test data before and after.

3.4 Waterproof Testing

For a qualified waterproof product, it is required to endure water spraying from any angle for a minimum of 3 minutes. In the case of SP series waterproof testing, AOTO's factory imposes even more stringent criteria. Firstly, the water nozzles used must be high-pressure, providing a certain level of water flow. Secondly, the testing duration is extended to 15 minutes. Continuous spraying is directed towards the front and back of the product. The key objective is to ensure that the product's performance remains consistent before and after the waterproof test for it to pass.

SP series in waterproof testing

3.5 Ball Impact Simulation Test

To evaluate the reliability of the SP series in real-world field conditions, a ball impact simulation test is conducted on AOTO's factory football field. Multiple footballs are loaded into a specially designed football launcher, placed at a distance of 8 meters from the product. This setup simulates a player taking a shot at the product area at a speed of 80m/s, repeatedly firing dozens of times. For an AOTO-qualified perimeter screen, the module in the impact area must not exhibit any looseness or detachment. Failure to meet this criterion results in the product being considered defective and subject to rework.

SP series in impact simulation testing

4. Comprehensive Player Safety Protection

To ensure the safety of the players, AOTO Electronics has introduced its proprietary flexible mask to the SP series cabinets. These flexible masks provide 360-degree humanized protection for the players without compromising the display quality. In intense matches, if a player accidentally collides with the screen, the screen remains undamaged, and the player remains unharmed. The safety and stability of the SP series have consistently received acclaim in the industry.

Attractive Technology, AOTO Electronics is dedicated to exceptional product quality, with a core focus on technological innovation. We provide users with top-tier, high-quality visual products. In the future, AOTO will continue to emphasize the development of quality, using it as a cornerstone to earn praise from users worldwide.

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