AOTO Electronics and NVIDIA have once again joined forces to create a brand-new XR Studio

11 | 01 | 2024

In January 2024, the XR Studio crafted by AOTO for NVIDIA has officially been put into operation. This is the second close collaboration between the two companies since 2023. NVIDIA unveiled three new consumer-oriented graphics cards at the CES 2024 exhibition, emphasizing their commitment to popularizing AI productivity. Notably, part of NVIDIA's CES promotional video was shot in this XR Studio.

NVIDIA, a cutting-edge graphics processor and artificial intelligence hardware supplier, is also one of the five companies that surpassed a trillion-dollar market value last year, It's worth mentioning that AOTO has provided services to all five of these companies. As a pioneer in LED virtual production technology, AOTO holds a globally leading market share.

In September 2023, AOTO installed four RM series LED screens at NVIDIA's headquarters in the United States, becoming a crucial communication medium for NVIDIA's large conferences, internal annual meetings, and various internal events. Leveraging outstanding technical prowess and professional services, AOTO successfully empowered NVIDIA's internal activities, providing efficient and reliable digital solutions. This deep collaboration solidified AOTO's key position in the partnership with NVIDIA, showcasing AOTO's responsibility and capability as an industry leader.

The newly created XR Studio, located at NVIDIA's U.S. headquarters, features AOTO's RM series LED walls and AE2.3 floor tile screens, totaling 182.5M square. In this virtual production project, NVIDIA digitally simulated its internal company environment, creating an ideal shooting space for its CES promotional videos. The collaboration with AOTO enables NVIDIA to better harness XR technology and expand deeply into the digital creative field.

As a globally leading provider of intelligent visual communication solutions, AOTO has completed over 60 large and medium-sized virtual production projects worldwide, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations with more international giants.

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