AOTO Empowers Toei to Build Japan's Largest VP Studio

04 | 12 | 2023

December, 2023.AOTO is honored to be part of Toei Tokyo's groundbreaking initiative in 2023 — the creation of Japan's largest VP Studios. This marks the first time a Japanese film company independently operates VP Studios. Located in Tokyo, the studio is set to fully operate in 2024, representing a significant milestone in AOTO's deep collaboration with Toei and a major leap forward for Japan's film industry into the realm of virtual production. As one of Japan's top five film giants, Toei, renowned for global hits like "One Piece," "Saint Seiya," "Dragon Ball," and "Spirited Away, "Through collaboration with AOTO, Toei VP Studios will bring endless business opportunities.

Spanning an area of 640 sqm, Toei VP Studios features AOTO's RM series LED Wall and MXH series ceiling. The LED Wall measures 30 by 5 meters, with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm, a low scan rate, and high refresh rate, and a 144Hz frame rate, delivering clear and vivid visuals. The MXH series ceiling, sized at 10m x 5m, with a pixel pitch of 3.75mm, incorporates full-viewing-angle technology, high brightness, and a wide color gamut, providing immersive visual experiences for filmmakers.

AOTO, in collaboration with its partners, has established a virtual production ecosystem. The project incorporates Brompton Technology LED processing technology, utilizing 11 units of 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and up to 24 Tessera XD 10G data distribution units, along with their industry-leading Tessera software functionalities. This integration achieves more realistic rendering effects and addresses color reproduction challenges. Coupled with Disguise servers, ARRI cameras, and Mo-sys motion capture systems, the project injects additional inspiration and possibilities into film production. This comprehensive solution not only enhances the smoothness of the creative process but also significantly improves the overall quality of film production, providing filmmakers with a stable, seamless, and high-quality shooting environment to unleash their creative potential.

As an emerging film production method employing cutting-edge technology, virtual production is gradually becoming Toei's preferred choice. Over the next five years, Toei plans to invest approximately 2 billion yen, extensively applying this advanced virtual studio technology to its film and television productions. The innovative technology at Toei VP Studios makes post-production processing more effortless while overcoming traditional shooting constraints related to location, time, and weather, offering greater flexibility to the production team. This technology also brings higher efficiency to film production, better meeting audience expectations for visual effects and production quality.

The establishment of Toei VP Studios represents a proactive attempt by Toei in its digital transformation and is a crucial step in exploring new pathways for the future development of the digital film and television industry. This project not only brings substantial improvements to Toei's film production but also contributes to the digital upgrade of the entire film industry to some extent. Through such in-depth collaboration, AOTO and Toei jointly facilitate a significant leap forward for the Japanese film industry.

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