AOTO Showcased a Line of Flagship LED Solutions at LDI 2022

09 | 12 | 2022

18 November 2022, the most influential lighting and audio exhibition- LDI2022 kicked off in Las Vegas, USA. AOTO brought Virtual production, XR studio and television broadcast solutions, and many high-end rental display new products to the show, attended the event with the AV industry leaders!


At the exhibition, AOTO large virtual studio and XR studio were particularly attractive. The whole virtual studio integrates high-definition LED display, virtual engine, 3D rendering, camera tracking, digital content assets, etc., to provide customers with full-process solutions. It can be applied to TV and film shooting, concert live broadcast, and short video production.


AOTO LED virtual production solution can generate immersive shooting space in real-time, which can realize arbitrary switching of background and arbitrary insertion of light and shadow special effects. The XR live broadcast room can also use the screen extension technology to expand the screen to areas beyond the LED large screen, expanding an infinitely extended virtual space.


The XR virtual studio exhibited this time uses a new series of LED displays, including background wall RM2.3, RM2.3E, and floor tile screen AE2.3. It is also equipped with industry-leading equipment such as cameras and tracking systems from Xitelabs and stYpe. Visitors can experience the whole process of virtual shooting in person.

In addition to the complete XR solution, AOTO Electronics also exhibited RM1.9, RM1.5C, RM RM1.5C-GOB, RM1.5E, and many other latest models and new products, all of which can be used for high-end stage event rental. In the experience zone, visitors can more intuitively understand the advantages of these products and the products that are suitable for different applications. In order to continue to create value for customers, AOTO has also newly developed a low-scan and high-swipe floor tile screen AE2.3 product, with a scan rate as low as 9 scans, which can achieve a more stable screen display.


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