AOTO Incooperate with HTC at Mobile World Congress 2023

09 | 03 | 2023

VIVE Mars brought the latest virtual production techniques to MWC, using Mars CamTrack and an LED wall powered by AOTO Electronics, a leading LED display manufacturer with 30 years of experience providing LED display solutions for a variety of applications, such as rental events, digital media and virtual production.

In co-operation with AOTO, this MWC showcase lets visitors from different industries experience the business value of an XR studio, perfect for corporate events, product launches and executive speeches. In the past two years, AOTO has gained over 40 XR studio and virtual production studio cases all over the world.

Taking full advantage of the technology and experience in the LED industry, as well as the understanding of XR and VP studios, AOTO offers a camera-friendly, cost-effective and efficient way to create realistic and immersive virtual environments, reducing the need for costly post-production work and allowing video makers to see the final result in real-time.

At MWC, participants can jump into virtual scenes from VIVERSE and VIVE Originals – BEATDAY, demonstrating how quickly and easily a professional virtual production shoot can be accomplished with VIVE Mars CamTrack.

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